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The most humane "collection" in Estonia!

Securitatem Consult OÜ is a company that is always with you and for you!
In order to provide the most professional service, we cooperate with competent national institutions and the best lawyers and legal offices.


Securitatem Consult OÜ

Securitatem Consult OÜ was established in 2013 with Estonian capital as a classic debt collection and legal aid services company,
which has grown into a company offering broad-based debt management services.

Since 2014, we have been effectively assisting Clients outside of Estonia as well; therefore, we have a professional network of cooperation partners abroad, including the Baltic countries, Finland, and Germany. To provide the best debt collection service, we cooperate with the competent authorities and the best legal offices.

Realizing that our debt collection service can be much more effective for the Client, we have taken a broader approach to this field of debt collection since 2016, but we are doing so in a much more targeted manner.

Our vision:

Our vision:

The vision of Securitatem Consult is to create a secure and smoothly functioning (business) environment for Customers.

Our mission:

Our mission:

The mission of Securitatem Consult is to enable Clients to engage in their core activities.

Our values:

Our values:

The values of Securitatem Consult are: having a personal touch, reliability, determination, intelligence, efficiency, transparency, and honesty.

For the debtor

We assess the content and legal basis of the debt claim:

We advise and represent the debtor to terminate a void claim.

We advise on the payment and planning of specific debts, according to the actual capabilities of the debtor:

We help debtors focus on paying off debt and achieving financial stability by obtaining additional resources and by processing the debts owed to them.

We make agreements and coordinate tripartite payment schedules with the creditor:

We ensure compliance with agreements by all parties.

We help to plan the use of financial resources in paying off debt and in daily routine activities.

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For the creditor

We assess the legal and operational risks associated with debt management and help mitigate and manage them:

Collaboratively, we develop and implement a sustainable operating environment from planning daily transactions to issuing invoices. In addition, we provide a reminder service for overdue invoices, as well as conduct extrajudicial or judicial debt proceedings and monitor the fulfillment of payment schedules.

We advise and train individuals/companies to implement and consolidate their economic activity sustainably.

In a joint effort, we help establish clear and transparent ‘rules’ for conducting transactions and credit management for all parties.

We help prevent exceptions from becoming rules.

We assess the content and legal basis of the debt claim and conduct debt proceedings for the full payment of the debt in extrajudicial and judicial debt proceedings:

We conduct negotiations as an ‘ombudsman/legal intermediary’ to pay off debts outside of debt proceedings, and to set conditions for establishing contractual relationships.

We conclude and monitor tripartite payment agreements, sureties, and promissory notes until their final fulfillment.

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Marko Reichardt Securitatem Consult

„Time is the only resource that cannot be acquired or replaced... We help you so that you can engage in your core activities!“

Marko Reichardt

Securitetem Consult OÜ is member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and BNI International