For the creditor

Claim, i.e., debt procedure

Out-of-court procedure:

We negotiate as the ‘ombudsman/legal mediator’ to settle debts outside of debt proceedings.

Includes the conclusion and mediation of agreements and the preparation of tripartite payment schedules.

If necessary, contacting debtors, meeting them, and ascertaining the relevant circumstances.

The purpose of out-of-court proceedings is to find a solution that is satisfactory to all parties, primarily aimed at the continuation of the debtor’s activities and, through this, the sustainable cancellation of indebtedness.

n out-of-court proceedings, a written debt notification is submitted once a week, and from the second debt notification, the debtor’s data is published in the Payment Default Register.

The proceedings will be transferred to court proceedings no later than after the fifteenth notice of debt or according to the justified need.

Judicial procedure:

Includes the expedited payment order procedure, lawsuit procedure, and bankruptcy procedure.

The purpose of using the judicial procedure is justified after the exhaustive use of non-judicial legal remedies or according to a justified need.

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